MCA Should Ask Umno To Field Chinese Candidate In Terengganu
From CKChew
It is ridiculous for the MCA president to ask a non-BN party to field Chinese candidates in the general election in a state where the majority is Malay and Umno, their very own coalition partner is not doing like wise. The reasons given by the MCA president is also incongruous. He alleged that just because they are appointed representatives, they will not be able to defend the right of its community, thus PAS has to field Chinese candidates. These statements only shown that Ong Ka Ting is either too naïve to be a party president or he is as forgetful as the Melayu Mudah Lupa in Umno or he is still deep in the fantasy land after his master, Ling of Rotten-Fish-Head Clan manage to steal the MCA president post from the nose of team B.

The Chinese make up less than 15 % of the registered voters in Terengganu and if Ong Ka Ting reasoned that the Chinese must contest in Terengganu, he must ensure that MCA or even Umno field Chinese candidates. It is imperative for him as the so-called leader of Chinese community in BN, to field its own candidates in that state and if he felt MCA is incapable of winning any seat, he should asked his own coalition partner, Umno to field Chinese candidates so that the Chinese right in the state can be protected as he claimed. In the last election, MCA is only contesting in one seat, that is, the Bandar state seat, and the rest of the seats went to Umno. For the coming election, Ong Ka Ting must stand up and make the same MCA demand clear to Umno that he want Chinese interest to be well protected in Terengganu and insist that Umno make way for MCA or better, Umno field candidates from Chinese community. Otherwise he is lying about his concern on Chinese community.

Sitting beside Ong Ka Ting is the leader of notorious triad Siew Sam Ong and the Pheh Triad (sitting in dark shirt).

If MCA failed to win any seat in Terengganu, and Umno is a pure Malay supremacy party representing purely the Malay, then what would be best for the Chinese in Terengganu if not being appointed? If the appointed representative is not as mediocre as those from MCA or Gerakan, and is bold enough to make the concerns of the community hear by the state government then the issue of capability to protecting the right of the community will not arise. In BN, all the Chinese representatives were elected but they are still unable to protect the right of the community, the episode involving suspended MCA duo has a lot to say about the capability of MCA or Gerakan to protect the interest of the community at large. The duo was only doing their job to raise concern of their constituents but the Big Brother taught them a tough lesson. By saying appointed representative is incapable of doing their job, is Ong Ka Ting trying to suggest that under Umno in BN, one must be elected or they will be squatting under Umnoís ball for good, unable to do anything? Or he knows that even if you are elected, in BN you will most likely squatting down-under to Umno so it will be worst if you are appointed.

Beside that, the MCA president must have forgotten that PAS has fielded Chinese candidates in previous elections; En Tan Teng Loon in Kota Lama state constituency is one of them. But Umno has never fielded any candidates from the Chinese community, why donít Ong Ka Ting during the BN supreme council meeting insist that Umno field Chinese candidates. Alas, MCA and Umno are typical racist parties; there is no way for them to field candidates from the other community.

If Ong Ka Ting is so sincere about the welfare of the Chinese, he must come out clean on the accusation by his own youth chief that he has no connection with the underground triad. He will do the community a big favor if he can do so; forget about representative anyone if he still maintain a strong connection with the underground. He has no moral authority to ask others to serve the community.

CK Chew - 14.07.2003

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